Make or Break Live Studio Project

Make or Break is an ongoing collaboration between Sydney artists Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo that began in 2015. So far this project has taken the form of using galleries as live work spaces; performing personal admin for an audience; co-writing texts; circulating fictional currencies; making books; and facilitating conversations as an alternative to traditional forms of research.

Make or Break Studio is a live art project that explores the role and visibility of artist labour, audiences and collectors in the generation of art works and art market value. Co-opting the framework and space of an exhibition, the work begins on opening night and continues for the show’s duration, with the artists engaged in a daily art-making relay, continuing or destroying the work that the other has made during their previous session, as if it is their own. With no art supplies to work with and only a chair, 2 sawhorses and tools at hand, the artists rely entirely on audiences to contribute materials throughout the exhibition period. These materials can be anything: a piece of wood, metal, plastic or paper; a hand-me-down, rubbish or a cup of coffee; an idea, a conversation or an expert’s advice.

This live studio project has been presented in Sydney and Melbourne.

Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney, December 2015
Bus Projects, Melbourne, June-July 2016

Make or Break on Instagram: @make.or.break

Make or Break in the media:
Sydney Morning Herald
Two Thousand
2SER: So Hot Right Now
Concrete Playground


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